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HDRi a World Technology

HDR in Cinematography

HDR in Medicine
HDR in Cinematography
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HDR technology has made one of its greatest impacts in the industry of entertainment. Up until this point, only practical, logical images have been discussed. HDR technology also stitches together images, recording every angle of light and material, producing a 360o look which is useful in CG.

Paul Debevec's technology and creative genius has been used in over a hundred different movies ranging from The Campanile Movie, which was Debevec’s first HDRi film, to The Matrix, to Spiderman, to Batman Begins to Star Wars I, II, III etc.

Batman Begins
City Hall

Two images with varying angles were combined to form a single STIG panorama shot. This is the scene from the roof of City Hall in Chicago using a Canon EOS D60 digital single lens reflex camera with a 50mm lens. Each tile in the image is made up of exposures at 2 stop intervals across a total 10 Stop Range. The images were then unembellished and compounded into a single 32 bit float.

Batman Begins
City Hall

The resultant panorama was processed through extracted architectural details to create a detailed 3D model of the cityscape. The image and model were combined with the Imeryvision pipeline to create a 3D scene complete with reflections and 3D room interiors for all the buildings.


The special effects and CG simulations of The Matrix were inspired by the designs and creative thought of The Campanile Movie. In this scene Keanu Reeves is shot from a multitude of angles. Because of the magic of CG entertainment and HDR technology, seemingly normal actions are made to look extraordinary. The technique amplifies the bullets and the motions but also incorporates the background, so as to not lose the environment.